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The Colliding Empires

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The Earth is gone. Disaster and cataclysm changed the face of the land, the seas, and the survivors who continued on. Humans were scattered. Some continued to try and revive civilization to its former glory, but the memories of the past were too great to overcome.
Generations passed. Man forgot the name of Earth, and the land of Weirth was born to replace it. Animals continued to procreate and die, as did man. Out of the chaos following the cataclysm, some men were changed and became something new. Animals too had been affected by the mighty disaster. New species were formed, some drastically different than their origins, some closely related. Religions were born and died, their followers spreading the ideas and proofs of their gods’ existence and power.
Thousands of years passed. Two nations fought for dominance of the new world, for the title of Weirth’s only empire, the Trimak Empire and the Grynith Empire. The Freelands, a small expanse of land, was caught between.
The following collection is the stories of a select few people of Weirth. The Trimak, the Grynith, and the Freelands have both heroes and villains. The outcomes of their stories could have a vast impact on the outcome of the battle being fought over the supremacy of Weirth.

A Storm of Chaos

Aithne is a priestess in the cult of Kaalnor, the god of chaos. She will do anything to rise from the lowly third order to prestigious first order. This is one of her stories along that path in the land of Weirth amongst the colliding empires of Trimak and Grynith.

A Chosen Path

A Freeland witch returns to her home of Gorma to rest from her time as a healer during the war-torn times. She is forced to make a decision regarding her role in the war for her homeland. Will her decision come too late?


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