Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dime Movies at the Shady Theater

He sat, right leg flung over the left,
in the back row of the dark
dimly lit theater. Moans and grunts
filtered through the darkness from crackly
speakers, the haze of cigarette smoke and
bleary eyes. The cherry burned red hot as his intake of breath
drew the warm smoke into thick lungs,
the charred smell tasted like pain;
the exhale clouded his vision of oiled skin
and tangled hair on the screen and the top of
a head bobbing up and down
two rows up and to his right. His jeans and button down
shirt were patched with sweat as the humid air swirled to
mix with the smoke and musk. The cigarette dropped
to the floor as he reached back to scratch,
pulling a white feather from its place amongst
the scars from clipped wings.