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An Addiction Named Regret

Regret is worn like an old pair of jeans

comfortably and often.

What can be said of regret;

except that it slides over us like a misty haze,

distorting our image like a convex mirror,

unnoticed by our own eyes.

It smothers us like an oil spill,

ruinous to all it touches, the effects

spiraling outward like ripples from

a stone tossed into a calm pond.

Regret is the place where misplaced hopes go to die.

It is the cup of wilted dandelions that you placed

on the window sill hoping for the praise of your mother,

her bouquet to treasure. Only her response was to ash

her cigarette in the cup, muddying the water with black silt.

Regret smells like a summer day,

one spent near the local landfill out near the

city limits, out of sight but never out of reach of

a strong wind, wrinkled noses catch the hint,

hidden under a facade of happy occasions and

fake waves of the hand under mumbled breaths.

What can be said of regret?

It never fails to call to us when our plans go astray,

A shortcut that f…


LOCUS ORIGIN:  THE NEVER BORN is a science fiction book by Christian Matari. I have a hard time classifying this story as hard science fiction because of the lack of explanation or deep description about how all of the technology works. At best, I would call this hard-soft science fiction. I know that probably isn't very helpful, but I don’t think there is a classification between the two distinctions (where this story belongs).
THE NEVER BORN is story told primarily from the point of view of Marcus Grey, a clone that was bred specifically to fight in Terran society’s armed forces. There are some brief cut-a-ways to other characters (the main side point of view that of Takahasi the head of C-CORE corporation). The story starts at Grey’s ‘birth’ and follows through to the culmination of his first and second mission.
The story itself probably could use another editing run-through. No book is edited perfect, and I understand that. However, I found more errors than I normally would read…

Featured Poet: Jason Carney (Warning: some poems are explicit)

Some of Jason's work is featured in various publications  and can be found on   Jason Carney - Can You Hear It? (mp3) Jason Carney - Olivia (mp3) Slams - Vol 1 - Dallas - March 1999
He can also be found on Facebook and his Blog.
Also, be sure to go to YouTube to check out more of his performances, better yet, try and have him perform near you. The booking information is available on his blog.