Friday, March 28, 2014

WIP: The Watch and the Looking Glass

I just wanted to throw a little hint at what I'm doing out into the ether. I'm currently working on a novella right now. The title is about 95% firm at this point. THE WATCH AND THE LOOKING GLASS caught me by the ears and said, "Pick me, you fool!" That voice, by the way, was done in a Gandalf rendition. And, of course, when Gandalf speaks to me, I generally listen.

I better give you all a general idea of what the story is going to be about. Basically, the protagonist, Randal Thoare (kudos to anyone who gets it) walks into an antique shop and walks out with the means to change his future. I think there is a bit of ALICE IN WONDERLAND meets action-adventure speculative fiction. Another thing that I wanted to mention is the story is what I call a Genre Smashup. Tentatively, the novella is going to have seven chapters. Each chapter is going to try and capture my version of seven different spec-fic genres or sub-genres. I'll do my best not to screw it up.

That's all I have to report at this point. The work is in progress, and I expect it to take me until around April for me to finish it up. Enjoy readers! Read until your eyes hurt, write until your fingers bleed (hopefully metaphorically). Until the next post, later.