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Creating Fictional Languages

Creating fictional languages can be pretty daunting. After all, language is supposed to have rules, and by using the English language as an example, can make little sense to an outsider. The English language has many rules and breaks its own rules often. When creating a language for my first attempt at a novel (unpublished - and rightly so), I used Ancient Latin and some other minor influences for words. The structure of the basic sentence, I made up (with some help from Spanish and Latin). Writing a new language doesn't have to be that difficult. You are not going to be writing the whole book in this newly created language, but you may be writing a few sentences and even a paragraph in it. So, you should know how the language works. I have the basics for my language and a handful of words under my belt, and I keep a running dictionary so I don't forget what I've come up with, a 'guide to the ancient language' if you will. Here is the link to my ANCIENT LANGUAGE that I use. I'll also post some of it below.

Here is an example of how the sentence structure works. In the subject, when a noun is the object of a phrase, it is placed at the beginning of the subject, the rest of the phrase following it, typically the subject of the sentence follows the phrase linked to the noun that begins the sentence. Corpa ahm = of my body, then Sangi follows as the main subject of the entire sentence.
          Subject                   Predicate
Corpa ahm Sangi / al Verdu ahti Vokis.
Blood of my body for the words of your voice.
            Subject        Predicate
Vokis ahm Verdu / rar Addus.
Words of my voice are given.
        Subject           Predicate
Corpa ahm Sangi / alti Fedi.
Blood of my body for your trust.
       Subject              Predicate
Anii ah Shindar / Pisa itha olel Alois.
Spirit of the soul pass over this warrior.
 In the cases below, the imperative form of the verb bring is used, the subject “You” is implied, therefore the sentence is ordered thus so. The imperative form is easily understood by the position of the verb in the sentence.
Brenga Forcandis em’Bellal al Shanda ah Feda anca Indea.
Bring courage to fight for the light of truth here today.
Patrokas Olel di Inscaf ah Fide.
Protect him from ignorance of honor.

Here are a few definitions as well:


ah - of
ahm - of my, the combination of ah and mi
al -  for
Alois - warrior
alti - for your, the combination of al and ti
anca - here
Anii - soul
Astrimanii - morningstar, star of the morning
Bellal -  fight
Brenga -  bring
Corpa - body
di - from
em’ -  to indicate the infinitive form of a verb
Feda - truth
Fedi - trust
Fide - honor
Forcandis -  courage
Hin - breeze, wind
hu - in, into

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