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The Novel Idea for 2014

Lately, I've been struggling to find a story that I love enough to spend the hours it takes to construct a novel out of. Well, today I was jotting down story ideas when I decided to go back to some of my short stories that are in progress (and have been for a while) and. . .BAM!

An idea hit me. I completely fell in love with one of my short story characters. It was one of my first attempts at short stories, and writing his origins story really connected me to him. Why not write a novel about him?

So, I am officially going to begin working on my first Car' Al novel! 

So far, all I really know about the story is it is going to take place far after the time that the short stories are written in. I am fairly certain that Car' Al will be in his forties, which is still fairly young for a rock troll. He's grown a lot as he's aged, and he's experienced much more than he had even in his first two stories. He'll have a human companion and some friend's that migh…

Poll Response Thus Far

So far, the leading response in the "What do you want to see on" is Book Reviews. I'll be making a concerted effort to add more book review content to the blog. If you have any other content that you would like to see, please take the Poll. I'll do my best to get you all what you want to see. Thanks!

Creating Fictional Languages

Creating fictional languages can be pretty daunting. After all, language is supposed to have rules, and by using the English language as an example, can make little sense to an outsider. The English language has many rules and breaks its own rules often. When creating a language for my first attempt at a novel (unpublished - and rightly so), I used Ancient Latin and some other minor influences for words. The structure of the basic sentence, I made up (with some help from Spanish and Latin). Writing a new language doesn't have to be that difficult. You are not going to be writing the whole book in this newly created language, but you may be writing a few sentences and even a paragraph in it. So, you should know how the language works. I have the basics for my language and a handful of words under my belt, and I keep a running dictionary so I don't forget what I've come up with, a 'guide to the ancient language' if you will. Here is the link to my ANCIENT LANGUAGE th…

Building Characters

When you write you characters, what do you start with?

Character Trait
Sometimes, you can start to build a character based on their most powerful character trait. Courage, compassion, and loyalty are some good ones to start with. Those kinds of traits can help them to overcome some pretty difficult obstacles. However, you could also start with a character trait for you hero or heroine to overcome. How about vanity, greed, deceit, or cowardliness? Those are some traits for your protagonist that could cause some real problems for them during their journey.

Life Event
Characters are people. And, just like people they are shaped by the event in their lives. Perhaps your character has just graduated from college but is unable to find employment. Perhaps your protagonist has just won the lottery. Or, perhaps, your protagonist has lost a loved one and the grief is too much to bear alone. Just like you or I, the events in our lives and how we deal with them helps to mold who we are as a peop…

My Fascination with Warhammer 40K

Recently, I was reminded of my love of the Warhammer 40K universe. I powered up Steam and played one of my favorite games Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War (the original). Yes the newer version Dawn of War 2 is fun as well, but the play type changed to focus on battle and less on building your base etc. I'm rambling. One of the reasons that I was reminded of my love for the game was the in depth history that comes with the world (originally a table top game with paintable miniatures). The history of The Empire of Man, the Golden Throne, and all the Astartes of the Imperium. This in depth look at this Science Fiction/Fantasy amalgam always hooks me deep. I research to find book and online resources, and when I do, I read the information for hours before I realize that I need to go to bed. The creators of this universe knew what they were doing when they created it.

I wasn't an early recruit. I joined the semi-fan ranks perhaps eight years ago, when Dawn of War first came out. I didn&…

Writing Prompts - All About Books

Here are five writing prompts to help get those creative juices flowing:

1. Go to your favorite book and find the antagonist. Write a few paragraphs or a short story where the antagonist is the protagonist (after all, s/he is the hero of his/her own story).

2. Look around where you are right now. Pick five things that you see and give them a magical power. What do they do and why is that important?

3. Go for a walk ... find a spot to sit for a while and write the description of the scenery. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? Write it all down!

4. Name five animals ... they are your main character's possible sidekicks, what special properties do they have that make them special and worthy to be a sidekick?

5. Name five religions ... how could they influence the future of Earth if one of them became the world religion? How do you think that religion may have changed in 500 years.

Those are your writing prompts. I hope they are helpful in spurring the creativity. …