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Tag, You're It! Blog Hop

Why is Speculative Fiction so popular? Speculative fiction is riddled with the fantastic, future tech, horrible monsters, and alternate realities. From my perspective, SpecFic is a way for people to runaway with a favorite set of characters in a world that gets them excited. Yes, people do something similar in romance or straight-edged fiction, but in SpecFic, it is taken a full leap further. Things can happen in SpecFic that couldn't normally happen in a story. You can go chase ghosts, and demons, and monsters in your steam-powered excorcisor. Or, you can battle wizards or dark elves in your search for a magical object that will save the world. I'm getting excited just sitting here writing it. And, don't forget that you can try to stave off the extinction of the human race as an interstellar alien coalition tries to cleanse the galaxy of the unclean humans. Magical portals, wormholes, teleportation, and magical cupboards, how can you not get excited about that?
It's …