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Wednesday Writing - Getting Inspiration

(Formerly a FFQ Article)

Inspiration is something that doesn't happen at will. It comes on you suddenly while driving down the road, while in the shower, out jogging, or listening to music. It just happens and no one knows when the next gust of inspiration will strike. It’s different for everyone. I get a lot of my ideas while listening to movie scores or classical music. For me, movie scores are perfect for inspiration. They are filled with emotion. I can tell what is going on in the movie from the type of music that is being played. It doesn't matter if I've seen the movie or not, I can make up a situation for that music. It’s perfect for me as a writer. Movies in general are another great source of information. Take a bit of plot from one movie or one aspect of a character and poof, a story idea or main character is born.

Like I said, inspiration, or at least its source, is going to be different for anyone. Look towards something that makes you happy, stirs your emotions, or simply makes you happy, look at this area for inspiration. The best ideas come from somewhere. In my own opinion, they come from the things that makes us most happy, a place where we can be ourselves, a calming place where our mind works best.

Go find whatever it is that makes you happy and brainstorm ideas. Just maybe, inspiration will strike you.


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