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Wednesday Writing - The Wind Still Blows

Well, my writing life is still an uphill battle, but I don't have the pessimist's view anymore. Life is an uphill battle, so why wouldn't my writing life be? Just because something isn't come as easily as breathing doesn't mean that I should give up. It is the struggle that makes the journey worth while sometimes.

My Colliding Empires short story continues with small progress. However, some ideas for my next novel are peculating in the background. I'm hoping that I can get started on another big project soon. I believe that something on the larger scale is a task that I have been missing for a while. I finished my first novel about a year ago. It wasn't up to par to be published, and I found myself actually dreading to write the second installment. Most of this came from me being tired of the story and finding myself actually not liking it much.

As for the ideas that I have tumbling around in my head, I find myself stepping further and further away from the fantasy genre and grabbing hold of the science fiction genre instead. There may be some crossover there, but I have been reading/listening to more futuristic ideas. The general ambiance that future tech and the dramatization that comes with life in space have me riveted at this time. I just need a firm idea before I can move forward more seriously into writing the story.

What else is new? Well, I began listening to Nathan Lowell's series, Trader Tales, again from Every time I listen to the series it wraps me up and won't spit me out again until I'm done. I've finished QUARTER SHARE and have moved into HALF SHARE. I've got a quite a ways to go before I finish all the books, but I'm looking forward to every minute spent listening to it. I absolutely love the series, and it never gets old or tired for me.

While my writing life seems turbulent at times, I find myself content. For if I can still feel the cool breeze on my face, I know that I am still alive; I still feel and can breathe in new life on each new day. So, open your eyes and give thanks that the wind still blows.

I hope you enjoyed the post! Thanks!


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