Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wednesday Writing - Brainstorming a New Novel

I wanted to switch gears yet again this Wednesday. While writing continues on The Colliding Empires, I have been itching to start a novel again. I have a couple of ideas I've been entertaining, but neither has gotten me that excited. I want to break into the Science Fiction genre. So, I'm going to give my intro ideas and hopefully you guys can chime in with comments that can help push me one way or another. Here it goes:

My initial idea was Halo meets Venom meets Star Wars. I think a lot of people might understand the Halo meets Star Wars part, but the Venom addition is the melding of an alien entity with a human (the difference is instead of the alien basically encasing the human, the alien would be a symbiotic organism within the human's brain). The original idea was the relationship would help to break humans away from hundreds of years of bondage and slavery from an alien race and eventually bring them back from near extinction. But, that's all i really have so far. I have a possible first chapter written, but I'm not sure I'm digging the POV and a few other things.

Any thoughts, comments, concerns, nudges, or whatever are welcome! What do you think?