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Wednesday Writing - Copywriting and Business: Guest Post by Ivy Delfin

How writing and publishing might be able to help your career, 

no matter which industry your career might be in


by Ivy Delfin

Copywriting is a skill that no business or industry is immune to, or can do without. Every industry has industry publications that influence and discuss professional movements. The very core idea of copywriting is simple: the better you are able to write, the better you can persuade and convince. The better you can persuade and convince, the more influence you will have. The more influence you have, the more you have potential for success. Whether you like it or not, good writing means good business.

The biggest misconception about copywriting is that it is an arcane and god-given skill that is purely based on talent, and can be learnt. This isn't true. Understanding the basics of persuasive writing can make an enormous difference to you writing skills. Improving your writing by a long way might just be a question of taking a few simple steps. You don't have to be the best at it, you just have to be good at it. It's easier than you think to learn how good writing is done. Moreover, it will have a material effect on your career and your job prospects if you are able to list a successful writing qualification on your CV, like a completed writing and communications course. Who never has to write reports in the job? Who has never had to write a pitch? We all know that the content of the pitch is only half the work. The other half is presenting it. You can have the best idea ever but it would be useless if badly presented. And emails. Writing convincing and persuasive emails is indispensable.

If you have done all of this and you still would rather have teeth pulled than write copy, don't worry. There is always another option, and that is outsourcing your writing work to professional copywriters. If writing takes you a really long time to get done, this might be the most efficient option. With professional copywriting, you are guaranteed a high quality and prompt service, proofread and mistake free every time. At least, if you hire a good copywriting service you are. This can take the pressure off and mean that you can focus on the things in your business that you are really confident at and enjoy doing. Even if writing isn't what you like to do, no business can get by without it. This is especially true in an internet age, where every website demands excellent and well-written copy in order to rank well in search engines and convert. So much of business operations are text-based in a cyber world. Selling your message in writing is pivotal in securing new client and keeping old ones. Persuasive language is a real tool for promoting your products.

If this is something you have never thought about for your business, look into it. You might be surprised by what you discover, and the doors that persuasive writing open up for you and your business. 

Ivy Delfin

Ivy Delfin is a copywriter working with GAPS. A team composed of professional writers boasting considerable skill and experience in the media, government, commercial, and human resources industries. We help business and organizations take their written communication to the next level by delivering clear and powerful content and making a significant difference in the perception and clarity of key messages. When Ivy's not writing content she enjoys swimming, shopping, and taking her dogs for a walk.

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