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Friday 5 - The Great and Powerful

This week my five is about great and powerful beings, deities, or whatever in fantasy. Who are some of the great and powerful beings in stories that you love?


Poseidon is one of the main and most notable gods of the Greek pantheon. In the Percy Jackson series, we are introduced to him as  mostly caring god. He is by far the most kindly of all the gods we meet, for the most part. This most likely is because we are introduced to him via Percy's story throughout the series. We see him helping Percy multiple times. He is also the most humanized of all the gods. This, too, is most likely because of his ties to Percy. This humanization that we see helps the audience to connect to him in a way that we never get the chance to do with any of the other gods that we meet throughout the stories.

2. The Dragon - WoT

The Dragon. Who is The Dragon? He is a person who is reborn to battle the Dark One. If history repeats itself eventually, like is often said and the wheel turns, then eventually The Dragon will be many people and one person at the same time. A powerful magic user with access to Saidin who is prophesied to battle evil.


Aslan is a powerful creature with magic at his beckoning. But, by some and perhaps many, he is much, much more than that. Some, perhaps even C.S. Lewis would say that he is God. He touches many different realms, mentioning the world that the children come from and many others. This is most likely the truth of what he is. Especially since C.S. Lewis used so many religious parallels in his writing.


Krull is a powerful deity in the Malazan world. Some of the stories say that the different realms in which magic come from are actually made from Krull's own blood. He pops up in many of the stories and seems to play an intricate part in the series. I haven't finished the series yet, so I don't know what part Krull actually has to play in it yet, but I'm willing to bet that it is going to be a big one.

5. King of the Silver River - SHANNARA SERIES

The King of the Silver River - is a faerie creature from the time of legend and before. He is most widely known in the Shannara series by the aid he gives to the Ohmsford family throughout the series. He is one of the most kindly magical creatures or persons that the Ohmsfords have come across in their adventures and strives to make the world a better place.


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