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An Ideal Writing Space

If you could have or create your ideal writing space, what would it look like?

Right now, my writing space is an extra bedroom with a desk (with my computer on it), a chair, and some book shelves. It has basically become our extra place to put stuff because we don’t know where it should go. Would I change my space if I could, you betchyer fountain pen I would. My ideal writing space would probably consist of a sound-proof room with a large wooden professional desk that has space for me to write on paper and to have my computer. It would also have lots of drawers and nooks and crannies. My computer wouldn't have internet (it’s too tempting to get on Facebook or whatever distraction that day brings).

I honestly think that my writing space isn't too complicated. The only hard thing to get would be the really expensive desk that I have envisioned in my mind. I don’t really need the sound-proof room either. I just need a nice, quiet place that gives me options for my writing. A lot of time, I believe we writers over complicate our writing spaces. It becomes this holy shrine that has to be just perfect. When it isn't exactly the way we want it, we tend to make excuses. As if the writing space is the reason I didn't meet my word goal for the day. It is another one of those ways of thinking that we need to correct, or before long, our novel that we were on pace to finish in August gets pushed back to September, then October, and the next thing we know, the novel is stuck in a drawer somewhere. The writing space is important, but we can’t let it become an excuse.

What about you? What’s your ideal writing space, and what is the most important thing about that space?

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