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The Sunday Post - Writing Groups

Writing groups have the potential to be utter disasters or the blessed light shining down from above. I'm lucky enough to have a writing group that is supportive and always willing to dish out great ideas and insight. We try to meet once a month and give pieces up to a certain word count. However, scheduling does make this difficult. Life always has more planned for us than we have on our calendars. We are finally meeting today (probably the first time in over a month and a half). It is no one's fault, like I said, life has curveballs to throw on occasion.

I always look forward to meeting with my writing group. They always have interesting stories to bring to the table that I love reading. One of my writing group members has her own blog that I encourage you to visit. It is called WORDSMITHING AIN'T EASY. Our group, today, is going to be going over a couple of short stories, and I plan on doing some serious brainstorming for a potential novel that I want to try and write …

Friday 5 - Indie/Small Press Authors at the Top of My List

This week my five go to some Indie/Small Press authors that have caught my attention. I've read their work and enjoyed it immensely. I encourage you to go out to Amazon and look up their work and grab a copy whether it be digital or print. Enjoy!

1. S.M. Boyce

S.M. Boyce is a fantasy author best known for THE GRIMOIRE SAGA. This series is a fresh look at epic fantasy and the traditional themes that go along with it. I've read the first two books in the series and was pleased with what I say. I heartily recommend this story to readers of fantasy!

2. Justin Macumber

Justin Macumber has multiple titles out on the market right now (A MINOR MAGIC and HAYWIRE) and a couple in the works. He delves into the fantasy and science fiction genres, and has a horror title that he is currently working on. He also co-hosts a couple podcasts. I love catching The Dead Robots' Society every week!

3. Kayla Curry

Kayla Curry is the author of the Mystic Stones Series. The first novel in this se…

Wednesday Writing: What am I reading right now?

My writing on the Colliding Empires Collection continues, but this week, I wanted to take a turn down a different road and talk about what I am actually reading at this moment. Well, I just finished WARDS OF FAERIE and BLOODFIRE QUEST by Terry Brooks via Audible. I thought both were excellent additions to the series. I am also re-listening the SOJOURN by R.A. Salvatore. DUST OF DREAMS by Steven Erikson is also on my currently reading list. I may have to restart that book if I don't want to come back to it and say, "Holy cow, where was I?" I plan on starting some indie and small press authors books' soon as well as some short stories by a friend of mine who hasn't begun to self publish yet. I have tons of books in my Want to Read list that hopefully make it out and into my Currently Reading list. I have been finding that my Scifi bug is burrowing under the skin again and find myself not only pining for a really good book in the genre, but thinking about possible …

Friday 5 - The Great and Powerful

This week my five is about great and powerful beings, deities, or whatever in fantasy. Who are some of the great and powerful beings in stories that you love?


Poseidon is one of the main and most notable gods of the Greek pantheon. In the Percy Jackson series, we are introduced to him as  mostly caring god. He is by far the most kindly of all the gods we meet, for the most part. This most likely is because we are introduced to him via Percy's story throughout the series. We see him helping Percy multiple times. He is also the most humanized of all the gods. This, too, is most likely because of his ties to Percy. This humanization that we see helps the audience to connect to him in a way that we never get the chance to do with any of the other gods that we meet throughout the stories.

2. The Dragon - WoT

The Dragon. Who is The Dragon? He is a person who is reborn to battle the Dark One. If history repeats itself eventually, like is often said and…

Wednesday Writing - And the Story Continues

I'm still working on FRIENDS & FOES for the Colliding Empires Collection. I'm working on the second of six parts right now, and I'm getting to a setback section of the story. The flow of the story has picked up. Now, I just need to get some more writing time in. It always seems to be the issue with me lately. I'm not going to dwell on it though. I'm going to just keep plugging away at the story and ride the conflict to end. I really think this piece has the potential to set the tone for series, and I hope that I give it justice. This was a short update, and I'll be doing my best to get the Friday Five ready for this week. I need to sit down and get some articles written so they aren't interfering with my writing life. Thanks for reading!

The Friday Five - Backing Up Your Writing

As writers, we often worry about our writing and losing countless hours of our hard work to various things, such as:  computer crashes, power outages, corrupt data, and the list goes on and on. Here are five ways to make sure that you don’t lose that precious work that you are hoping goes on to win awards.

Google Drive

The first of my cloud choices is Google Drive. I am an avid supporter of Google and have personally used the Google Drive. It has saved my writing life on multiple occasions. I mainly use Google drive to save my blog posts and other writing for the time being. I don’t back up my creative writing at the moment because of some issues with using Scrivener between Windows and Linux based computers. I am eagerly awaiting the day that the Google Drive download becomes available for Linux. One major advantage to Google Drive than other cloud services is the ease of use and the cheap options for storage upgrades.

Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One is my second option for cloud storage. I am cur…

Wednesday Writing - Writing with the Lights Off

For some reason, I find myself mostly writing with the lights off. I tend to do most of my writing in the evening, and when I walk into my office, I don't flip the light switch on like I do in any other room in my house at night. I walk to my computer and wake it. I like to write with music playing and the only light is that coming from my computer screen. I wonder if I'm alone in this practice. I don't write horror or anything. So, it's not an ambiance or mood setting device. What are your thoughts? Do you have a weird quirk that you do when you write?

In my writing, my short story is coming along slowly. I haven't had any aha moments, but the story is moving a bit further into the second part. I had about 500 words written, but for some reason, scrivener erased every word of it. I had to start over. All in all though, I think it worked out for the best. The dialogue is a bit more fluid now. I'm looking forward to diving into the meat of the story soon, but u…

An Ideal Writing Space

If you could have or create your ideal writing space, what would it look like?

Right now, my writing space is an extra bedroom with a desk (with my computer on it), a chair, and some book shelves. It has basically become our extra place to put stuff because we don’t know where it should go. Would I change my space if I could, you betchyer fountain pen I would. My ideal writing space would probably consist of a sound-proof room with a large wooden professional desk that has space for me to write on paper and to have my computer. It would also have lots of drawers and nooks and crannies. My computer wouldn't have internet (it’s too tempting to get on Facebook or whatever distraction that day brings).

I honestly think that my writing space isn't too complicated. The only hard thing to get would be the really expensive desk that I have envisioned in my mind. I don’t really need the sound-proof room either. I just need a nice, quiet place that gives me options for my writing. A lot o…

Friday 5 - Characters

Drizzt Do'Urden Drizzt Do’Urden is a classic character written by R.A. Salvatore, known to just about every reader of fantasy. His heroic traits and tragic past all lift him up above so many other heroes written in the genre. He battles with himself almost as he much as he battles those who mean to do him and his friends harm. He appears to always be striving for the love of those who live on the surface, looking for acceptance amongst a people bent on pinning the common (and much deserved) drow stereotype on him. While the drow are for the most part, a despicably evil race bent on the destruction of all other races, Drizzt has risen above the values or lack thereof of the rest of the drow. His values model those elves of the surface rather than the underdark. Drizzt does find friends; friends that wear loyalty like a suit of armor, proud and valiantly. His friends mirror him in their allegiance to loyalty. Drizzt Do’Urden is a white knight with dark skin, brilliant and deadly blad…

Wednesday Writing - Copywriting and Business: Guest Post by Ivy Delfin

How writing and publishing might be able to help your career, no matter which industry your career might be inby Ivy Delfin
Copywriting is a skill that no business or industry is immune to, or can do without. Every industry has industry publications that influence and discuss professional movements. The very core idea of copywriting is simple: the better you are able to write, the better you can persuade and convince. The better you can persuade and convince, the more influence you will have. The more influence you have, the more you have potential for success. Whether you like it or not, good writing means good business.
The biggest misconception about copywriting is that it is an arcane and god-given skill that is purely based on talent, and can be learnt. This isn't true. Understanding the basics of persuasive writing can make an enormous difference to you writing skills. Improving your writing by a long way might just be a question of taking a few simple steps. You don't ha…

June '13 Writing Prompt

Here is a short and to the point writing prompt for June. I'm kind of taking a page out of C.S. Lewis' book (no pun intended) for this one.

Scan the room you are currently in.

Pick one object.

That object is magical.

What does it do?

Write a short story or the first chapter of a novel with this object serving as a focal point.