Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday Writing - A WEEK IN FICTION ... authors, stories, and news

I seem to always have a fidgety moment where I'm always trying to do more than my time allows. In this case, I found that I wanted to provide an outlet for some of the great posts by authors and book lovers that I send out in tweets and follow in blogs. I wanted to collect them and present them in one place, every week. At first, I wasn't sure how I could accomplish this and still have time to do all the other things I'm doing right now. Then, I remembered this little online newspaper website called It's a website that allows you to create an online newspaper through aggregation. I simply add the twitter tags, twitter ids, blog rss feeds, or other type of info that gives me a source to draw potential articles from.

I decided that my love of writing was the perfect way to go about this. I have a great network of talented authors and reviewers to draw from. So that is how A WEEK IN FICTION came to be. So, every Monday morning the paper will update, and sometime Monday morning I will do a few updates to the page so I don't get duplicate articles or posts that don't fit into fiction (a few do slip through). I hope that it can become a resource for discovery and writing advice for all those interested. Enjoy!