Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday Writing - Short Stories and Long Dreams

This Wednesday comes and goes like many others. Minutes turn to hours and the sand pours from top to bottom. It reminds me of my short story series that I am working on THE COLLIDING EMPIRES. It seems that for the past few months, the stories have slowed down in their progress. While A STORM OF CHAOS seemed to fly off the paper, A CHOSEN PATH came and went in bursts. FRIENDS & FOES seems to be dragging on and on as I struggle to put finger to keyboard key. The story is there in my head - I know where I want it to go - the outline is still providing me with a path to follow, but the story itself is not flowing out of me like the muse is singing in my ear like the two previous stories. I know the story fits the world, and it needs to be written, but I’m still looking for the motivation side of things. My plan is to have it done and covers ready (provided by Jeffrey Kosh) before the Blogger Book Fair event in July, so I can participate as an author. I know that this series has potential and that all the stories combined will culminate in a great short story series, but I’m biased aren't I.