Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lack of Time Management = Epic Fail

My current failing (one among many) is time management. Starting the new job, dealing with my final masters class, and life an general have been keeping me from writing these past few weeks.

It's no excuse, but it happened.

My goal is set up a new schedule that deals with my new work schedule and the time I need to do homework. The amount of time I used to spend writing will more than likely be decreased, but it will still be more than what I have been doing lately.

It just goes to show that time management really is an important aspect of writing. I thought that I could just wing it without a specific plan in place. I was wrong!

I'll be going back to the scheduling drawing board and setting up a schedule that deals with all of the things that need to have time set aside so my writing doesn't suffer in the future. I would suggest that anyone who is writing should do the same. Whether it is a word count or set amount of time, set aside a space of time regularly to make sure that you keep on writing.

Otherwise, you will get bogged down and your word counts will begin to suffer. I'm going to try and set up an hour or two a couple nights a week dedicated to my writing, probably on my 2nd shift days.

Set up your plan and stick with it. There will always be times where life intervenes and distracts your schedule.

Be a little flexible, but don't push off the writing altogether. Reschedule the time and keep on moving.