Saturday, April 20, 2013

Current Works in Progress

I am currently working on two novels. They aren't fully formed in my head as of yet, and I'm trying the pantser approach with both. They are tentatively called AWAKENING and DEATH'S EMBER. AWAKENING is in the science fiction genre and DEATH'S EMBER is an epic fantasy. They are both fresh in my mind, but time will tell if either becomes a full book.

I like both ideas for the books:

AWAKENING - Humanity is nearly extinct as their push further and further into the galaxy brought them face to face with a species that, bent on conquering and destroying, nearly wiped out human beings. Those still alive were enslaved and have been for hundreds of years. The protagonist, living on a slave mining world, fights back with the aid of a symbiotic species.

DEATH'S EMBER - The world is dying as a strange force is killing Gaia, the Great Mother, whose magic supports all living things. The protagonist gets wrapped up with those who are trying to find out what this strange force is doing and may hold the key to their success.

I am also working on the next short story in the Colliding Empires series tentatively called FRIENDS & FOES. This story takes place within the Grynithian Empires and may give readers a little more insight about its inner workings and the turmoil taking place there.