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Lack of Time Management = Epic Fail

My current failing (one among many) is time management. Starting the new job, dealing with my final masters class, and life an general have been keeping me from writing these past few weeks. It's no excuse, but it happened. My goal is set up a new schedule that deals with my new work schedule and the time I need to do homework. The amount of time I used to spend writing will more than likely be decreased, but it will still be more than what I have been doing lately. It just goes to show that time management really is an important aspect of writing. I thought that I could just wing it without a specific plan in place. I was wrong! I'll be going back to the scheduling drawing board and setting up a schedule that deals with all of the things that need to have time set aside so my writing doesn't suffer in the future. I would suggest that anyone who is writing should do the same. Whether it is a word count or set amount of time, set aside a space of time regularly to m

A Memorial Message to My Grandma Donley

While this isn't specifically a writing post, I'm sure it could be applied to writing in many ways. Because of the loss that my family and I have recently felt, I had the desire to talk about this loss, the grief that I felt, and my own personal way of dealing with it in a healthy way. This week my grandmother passed away following a stroke the week before. She was loved by all that knew her because of her kindness and empathy to others. She was a mother, a grandmother, and a great-grandmother. She doted on her grandchildren and great-grandchildren with particular zeal. While her kindness leaves a hole in our hearts that might seem it can never be filled, it can be. The memory of her and all that she stood for already fills that space that she filled during her life. Her actions and love will stand the testament of time teaching us the way to love family and friends. This isn't the time to ask why or to feel guilty about things we feel that we left unresolved. We loved

Current Works in Progress

I am currently working on two novels. They aren't fully formed in my head as of yet, and I'm trying the pantser approach with both. They are tentatively called AWAKENING and DEATH'S EMBER. AWAKENING is in the science fiction genre and DEATH'S EMBER is an epic fantasy. They are both fresh in my mind, but time will tell if either becomes a full book. I like both ideas for the books: AWAKENING - Humanity is nearly extinct as their push further and further into the galaxy brought them face to face with a species that, bent on conquering and destroying, nearly wiped out human beings. Those still alive were enslaved and have been for hundreds of years. The protagonist, living on a slave mining world, fights back with the aid of a symbiotic species. DEATH'S EMBER - The world is dying as a strange force is killing Gaia, the Great Mother, whose magic supports all living things. The protagonist gets wrapped up with those who are trying to find out what this strange for

Book Review: Dead Drunk: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse ... One Beer At a Time

I had the good fortune of knowing Richard Johnson for the short time that I attended Monmouth College. Much like he was during college, his book, DEAD DRUNK, was humorous and entertaining. At times, I had to put the book down because I couldn't hold my tablet straight enough to read as my laughter increased. While the book was admittedly funny, there are tender moments and sad instances in the book that pull at the heartstrings as well. I would fully welcome anyone who enjoys a good zombie book mixed with comedy full of insults and razzing to get their copy as fast as possible. I definitely give this book two thumbs up and enjoyed every minute.

Book Review: A MINOR MAGIC

A MINOR MAGIC, by Justin Macumber, is a coming of age fantasy story for a young teen, Skylar, who lives in a much changed Earth after mysterious fires raged across the surface about a decade earlier. Skylar, after abruptly learning she has magic, is forcibly made to leave from the only real home she has ever known since her mother died years before. Skylar is forced to deal with the landscape and the brutish world that it has become on her own for the first time in her life. As the story unfolds, we watch as Skylar is forced to face guilt, shame, mistrust, and her strange new ability. A MINOR MAGIC is a wonderful story with interesting characters that are both believable and fun to learn about. Justin Macumber has done a great job weaving a tale that gives the audience a young, strong, female lead that doesn’t need to be dressed for the beach to impress. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a strong fantasy tale, and I look forward to reading the next book in

Book Review: The Grimoire Saga #2: TREASON

S.M. Boyce has done it again with her second book in the Grimoire Trilogy. TREASON takes the series to the next level with its twists and turns. Boyce takes the reader to the edge and snatches you back again as you tag along Kara’s adventure through Ourea and discover her power alongside her. Boyce proves, with this book, that she has all the tools needed to be a successful storyteller. I eagerly await, HERITAGE, the final book in the trilogy. After reading the first two books, I can’t wait to see what Boyce has in store for Kara and all the others living in Ourea.

Terry Brook's Events for April '13

The best-selling,epic fantasy author, Terry Brooks, will be heading to the UK for his newest release, the second installment of The Dark Legacy of Shannara, BLOODFIRE QUEST. According to TERRYBROOKS.NET , this will be the first time in over five years that Terry Brooks will be making an appearance there. The signing will take place on April 3rd, at Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8J. Fans of Terry's in the UK should definitely take advantage of this event, as this is a one day only signing before he heads back to the States. Other events in April, as I mentioned, will be back in the USA. To see a listing of April events on, click HERE ! I had the pleasure of making it to a WARDS OF FAERIE signing in Naperville, Illinois last year. It was my first signing event that I had ever attended. The fact that it was for Terry Brooks made that much more special. If you are a fan, you should definitely try to make it to one of these events th

The Colliding Empires #2: A CHOSEN PATH Amazon Release 4/5

A CHOSEN PATH  will release on April 5th. I plan to have the story free for download on Amazon Friday through Sunday, tentatively called Three-day Free-days . This story is the second in the series of a proposed ten short stories revolving around the conflict between two expanding empires coming to blows at a small section of land connecting two continents called the Freelands. A CHOSEN PATH:  A Freeland witch returns to her home of Gorma to rest from er time as a healer during the war-torn times. She is forced to make a decision regarding her role in the war for her homeland.