Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fiction Features Quarterly's New Home

Fiction Features Quarterly has found a new home. Because of site malfunctions with Google Currents Producer, we have had to find a new location to post the Fiction Features Quarterly online magazine. FFQ can now be found at Kayla Curry's blog, THE PEPPER PRESS. We have reposted our first issue which was released back in December. Also, our Spring edition will be coming out very soon. We plan to try and post a podcast after each issue to give an overview of the issue. The podcast will be in beta phase until we can see if it is helpful to readers and listeners. We hope that it provides some value to our readers. If it does, we will continue the podcasts. Check out the new home of Fiction Features Quarterly to find tips for writers, articles about writing, and interviews with authors and cover artists. I hope you enjoy the new home.