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Robert Jordan’s final installment of The Wheel of Time series, written by Brandon Sanderson, was released back in January. It was the culmination of his epic saga that finished with a bang, thanks to the help of Brandon Sanderson. A MEMORY OF LIGHT successfully concluded the series with tears of joy and sadness. The endings for all the characters that we have followed for years were all wrapped up nice and tight. The book was drawn together in a neat bundle with exciting plot lines, characters, and paths that took unexpected and rewarding turns throughout. A MEMORY OF LIGHT was all that I could have expected for the ending of an epic so massive that it took twenty years to finish.

Fiction Features Quarterly Volume 2 Issue 1 now Available

FFQ is now available for viewing. Go check out the author interviews, articles, videos, and book reviews. This online magazine is for you, the reader. We also hope to get exposure for authors that might not have the exposure they deserve. We hope you find your new favorite author on Fiction Features Quarterly. What are you waiting for  -- Go check it out!

Fiction Features Quarterly: Volume II Issue I : Spring '13

The second issue of Fiction Features Quarterly (FFQ) will be releasing this Friday. FFQ Vol 1 Iss 2, features Interviews with: Our featured author Philippa Ballantine and authors Jen McConnel, John Lenahan, Robert Zimmermann, and Rose Caraway.

We also feature an array of articles and videos including:

Fiction Features:  Fiction to Film, The New Adult Genre, Anti-heroes, and There's a Nook Gase in My Bookcase.

Writing Tips:  Genre's Effect On Your Stories, Show and Tell and when to write them, and Building Better Characters - Testing Your Characters.

Covers that Grab You:  Kayla's pick of covers and mine.

Youtube on Writing:  The Story Board Episodes 1-7

We also review books. This issue's books reviews include:  TROMPE L'OEIL by Caroline Miller, LICHGATES by S.M. Boyce, A SONG OF FIRE AND ICE series by George R.R. Martin, and 50 SHADES OF GREY by E.L. James.

Chronicles of a Rock Troll: A Path of Justice Free 3/26 - 3/30

Chronicles of a Rock Troll:  A PATH OF JUSTICE will be free for purchase on Amazon from Monday, 3/26 - Friday, 3/30. Take advantage of this free promotion. NEW BEGINNING can be downloaded in .mobi and epub versions for free right now. Get the first two tales in the short story series while you can. Be sure to leave reviews where ever you review books (Goodreads, Shelfari, Amazon). Reviews help authors thrive.

Book Review: Shadowmagic- The Sons of Macha

THE SONS OF MACHA by John Lenahan was a great finale to the series. The action, mystery, and constant suspense kept me reading from chapter to chapter. Connor didn’t disappoint as he overcame one obstacle after another, throwing in his sarcasm and wit with a lot of bad timing. It was also good to see the story wrap up the way it did with character arcs coming to conclusions that were logical and satisfying at the same time. I, again, recommend another of John Lenahan’s fine works. THE SONS OF MACHA rates high on my list of books that need to be read. And, it goes on the same list as works such as the HARRY POTTER and PERCY JACKSON novels.

A Chosen Path in the Editing Stage

A CHOSEN PATH, the second installment of the Colliding Empires Short Story Series, is now officially in the editing phase. I hope to get some feedback from my writing group in the next couple of weeks, and I have been sifting through it on my own to find those nasty little grammatical errors that crop up when the first draft is done. I hope to have it published on Amazon in 2 to 3 weeks. I would like to thank Jeffrey Kosh for his covers. He will be providing me with the covers for all ten of the short stories that I plan to publish for this series. If you are an author and are looking for covers that easily fit into your budget, I would suggest giving his web page a quick look. Thanks everyone!

Fiction Features Quarterly's New Home

Fiction Features Quarterly has found a new home. Because of site malfunctions with Google Currents Producer, we have had to find a new location to post the Fiction Features Quarterly online magazine. FFQ can now be found at Kayla Curry's blog, THE PEPPER PRESS. We have reposted our first issue which was released back in December. Also, our Spring edition will be coming out very soon. We plan to try and post a podcast after each issue to give an overview of the issue. The podcast will be in beta phase until we can see if it is helpful to readers and listeners. We hope that it provides some value to our readers. If it does, we will continue the podcasts. Check out the new home of Fiction Features Quarterly to find tips for writers, articles about writing, and interviews with authors and cover artists. I hope you enjoy the new home.

Colliding Empires: A Chosen Path Almost Complete

I should have the second Colliding Empires short story complete in the next week. I have one more section left to write and then I'll begin the editing process. This will be the 2nd of 10 stories in the series. Life has been beating me up pretty well on this story. It has taken me far longer to write this one than many of my other short stories.

I believe after this series is complete, I'll be focusing on the Chronicles of a Rock Troll series of shorts and begin working on novels again. As for now, the Draconus Prophecies novel is on hiatus until I decide what to do with it. I haven't had much luck with Small Presses, and I'm not sure if I want to self publish it without going through an editor of some kind.

I would like to look at other possibilities for novels as well. I have many novels in the brainstorming phase and a few in the pre-brainstorming phase that I believe have the potential to becoming a high quality novel. I'm going to see if my writing group (whi…

Book Review - Trompe' l'Oeil

TROMPE' L'OEIL is the story of young American scholar, Rachel, that comes to France to write the history of a locally famous chateau. After the death of the mistress, Rachel is confronted with mystery, intrigue, and a touch of the supernatural. Caroline Miller has produced a work with characters that draw you into the work. Also, she keeps you guessing about what is REALLY going on at the chateau. Though this type of work isn't my normal type of read, I enjoyed it from cover to cover. I would recommend TROMPE' L'OEIL to anyone that enjoys a good character driven mystery.