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Colliding Empires #2 Coming Soon

The second installment of the Colliding Empires series, A CHOSEN PATH, is currently underway. I'm about halfway through it. I hope to have it finished within the next couple of weeks. I definitely got myself involved in way too many things to make one thing move smoothly. I think too many commitments has hurt my creative writing progress. I have school, my creative writing, Fiction Features Quarterly, my day job, and I'm starting a copywriting business DONLEY COPYWRITING  (the day job doesn't pay enough). I'll probably do an entirely new post about the copywriting, as it pertains to authors who need persuasive copywriting to help sell their work or drive people to their blogs/websites. I probably should do a promo for myself, but that gets back to the too many commitments thing. Anyway, thanks for reading. I hope to have more updates soon! P.S. Here's a preview of the cover for A CHOSEN PATH: