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Samurai Fantasy Fiction

What is it about the Samurai that translates so easily into fantasy fiction? It's their sense of loyalty, honor, and warrior spirit that makes them the perfect thematic character for fantasy literature. Many fantasies, especially epic fantasies, take place in a medieval setting with swords, armor, castles, warriors, and armies. While many typically think of medieval Europe when fantasy is mentioned, the Samurai also are perfectly characterized to fill the archetype for this type of fantasy. They are sword wielding warriors who would stop at nothing to avenge the death of a master or defend the honor of their family if their lord was not in danger. Also, their honor would require them to kill themselves if they were defeated or brought dishonor to their lord. This fierce attitude and warrior spirit is what makes them perfectly suited to the genre. Loyalty, whether to a cause or an individual is something that is extremely valued in the fantasy genre. So, the next time you are scribbling down in your writing journal or brainstorming for a new story, perhaps you should take some qualities of the samurai and transplant that into your epic fantasy. It would make for some interesting character roles.

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Amazon Author Page Following

Check out my Author Page on Amazon! You can follow me there and get notified of new releases and my current portfolio. I think it's a great resource for those who want to get notified as soon as new titles become available. The Colliding Empires short stories have been coming out in a flurry lately. I'll be starting on the final five stories of The Colliding Empires soon. I'm hoping you won't have to wait as long for those as the previous five. By following me on Amazon, you'll be able to know as soon as they're available. Check out my page and follow, you won't regret it.