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Book Reviews

I've added a new link to the navigation panel. I've decided to make a new shelf on Goodreads for all the books and short stories that I do reviews for. I only do reviews for books that I give 3 stars or more. That means, if I like the story and I think that some element of the story is good enough for me to recommend it, I'll give it a review. Any review that I give on Goodreads also gets put up on Shelfari and Amazon (if I bought the book on Amazon). To check out my reviews click on the Book Reviews link on the navigation bar.

A Path of Justice Goes Live This Afternoon on Amazon

The second short story installment in Car'Al's journey, Chronicles of a Rock Troll, will go live this afternoon CST on Amazon. Car'Al ventures out into into the world, alone, naive, and idealistic. What will this mean for our rock troll hero? Will he find a friend, make enemies, change lives? Read his story to find out!

Samurai Fantasy Fiction

What is it about the Samurai that translates so easily into fantasy fiction? It's their sense of loyalty, honor, and warrior spirit that makes them the perfect thematic character for fantasy literature. Many fantasies, especially epic fantasies, take place in a medieval setting with swords, armor, castles, warriors, and armies. While many typically think of medieval Europe when fantasy is mentioned, the Samurai also are perfectly characterized to fill the archetype for this type of fantasy. They are sword wielding warriors who would stop at nothing to avenge the death of a master or defend the honor of their family if their lord was not in danger. Also, their honor would require them to kill themselves if they were defeated or brought dishonor to their lord. This fierce attitude and warrior spirit is what makes them perfectly suited to the genre. Loyalty, whether to a cause or an individual is something that is extremely valued in the fantasy genre. So, the next time you are scri…


Every month Fiction Features Monthly will have book reviews. Until we have more guest writers for the magazine, we'll be doing around 4 books reviews. It takes time to read books and write clear and concise reviews. FFM will debut its first issue on December 3rd at 8:00 AM CST. The issue can be accessed HERE after you have installed Google Currents on your select devices.

The magazine is free, as is Google Currents. We want to make the magazine a way for readers to find new authors to support. By doing this, we hope to give the authors access to a larger audience. Many authors have to do their own marketing, even if they are with large publishers. We hope that the magazine will provide a service to both readers and authors alike.

Indie authors have to work even harder than those with traditional publishers. They have to pay for their own editors and cover artists on top of doing their own marketing with little to no contacts, especially if they are just starting out. Support your…