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Fiction Features Monthly: Debut Issue

Kayla Curry and I, Jacob Donley, will be launching the debut issue of FICTION FEATURES MONTHLY on December 3rd, 2012. The issue, which will be available via the Google Currents application in the Google Play store and iTunes. 

The purpose of the magazine is to provide information about popular fiction and to introduce authors and artists to a larger audience. Our hope is that we can give authors a chance for their name to get out there and find people who can truly appreciate the work they do. The magazine will be monthly, with issues coming out roughly at the same time every month. There will be an author that is featured every month. Others authors will also have interviews for future fans to enjoy. Cover artists aren't to be ignored either. They are an important part of the book creation process. We also interview cover artists, asking questions on the process that they go through and the difficulties they had breaking into the business. As of right now, they main sections of the magazine are as follows:  Featured Author, Fiction Features, Author Interviews, Book Reviews, Writing Tips, Cover Artist Interviews, YouTube On Writing, Upcoming Conventions, About:  FFM Staff & Contact Info.

The December Issue
Our author lineup is as follows: 
Featured Author:  S.M. Boyce
Authors:  Thomas Winship, Wynne Channing, Justin Macumber, Terry Mixon, and Paul Cooley.

Our cover artist lineup is as follows:
George Arnold - WGA Designs
Brenda Meelker - Embrision Arts
Jaycee DeLorenzo

We hope to deliver quality information on fiction from all genres. We will be looking for authors to interview from thrillers to epic fantasy, erotica to mysteries, young adult to science fiction. We hope that our broad scope in popular fiction will be able to provide something for all fiction fans.

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