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Character Profile: Car'Al

Car'Al is a rock troll from the great mountains in the eastern part of the land of Cahnir. He was banished from his tribe because of his views and ideals. He didn't believe in the torture, decimation, and humiliation of any race not rock troll. He believed that people should be able to live free, that wanton violence is wrong. The only violence that should be committed is in the pursuit of justice, of freedom. He searches for a people to call his own. Car'Al knows that he will never be able be a member of another race. He is rock troll and always will be, but he hopes that his search across Cahnir will give him the opportunity to find a people that believe in the same things that he does. In finding those people, he will ultimately find himself.

To read the beginning of Car'Al's journey, get your copy today of NEW BEGINNING in the Chronicles of a Rock Troll series for the Amazon Kindle. The next installment, A PATH OF JUSTICE, is forthcoming and expected to be available sometime in December.

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