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A Storm of Chaos In the Kindle Store Now

A STORM OF CHAOS is now available in the Kindle Store. The short story will be available for free on 11/30, 12/01, and 12/02. This first story is about a priestess of Kaalnor, the god of chaos. It shows her struggle and willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. This is the first of a proposed ten short stories in THE COLLIDING EMPIRES collection.

The Colliding Empires: A Storm of Chaos

The first short story in THE COLLIDING EMPIRES collection will be available on Amazon in the Kindle Store on Thursday. I will be giving away this short story for three days. It will be free on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

THE COLLIDING EMPIRES is a series of short stories from people in a medieval, post-apocalyptic Earth. Thousands of years have past and the land is now called Weirth. Gods and magic have arisen to replace the religions and technology of the world. I'll be throwing up a post when it is officially published in the Kindle Store. Until then, check out my already published work here.

Crazy Week of Craziness

I've got a lot going on this week. Life happens and writing must continue on. School you will not take away my writing time. I just started up twitter for my pen name which will feature writing of a different kind on Amazon. So, I have to social network with that name and blog for that name on top of everything that I have going on here. I also have to write. Now that I'm writing for two names, I have to divide up my writing time even more between the different genres. Oh well! Like I said, life will continue on and my writing will continue to get better the more that I write.

On another note, I sent Shindarin Rising off to Martin Sisters Publishing. Their submissions page said that it could take up to six weeks to hear back from them. So, everyone keep your fingers crossed for me! Thanks for the support!

Fiction Features Monthly: Debut Issue

Kayla Curry and I, Jacob Donley, will be launching the debut issue of FICTION FEATURES MONTHLY on December 3rd, 2012. The issue, which will be available via the Google Currents application in the Google Play store and iTunes. 
The purpose of the magazine is to provide information about popular fiction and to introduce authors and artists to a larger audience. Our hope is that we can give authors a chance for their name to get out there and find people who can truly appreciate the work they do. The magazine will be monthly, with issues coming out roughly at the same time every month. There will be an author that is featured every month. Others authors will also have interviews for future fans to enjoy. Cover artists aren't to be ignored either. They are an important part of the book creation process. We also interview cover artists, asking questions on the process that they go through and the difficulties they had breaking into the business. As of right now, they main sections of …


What is it about genre fiction that pulls in so many readers? I have had a huge love of fantasy for years. I'm also a fan of sci-fi, though it is my second love. I have my own reasons for loving fantasy. I love the new and beautiful worlds where anything can happen. All the rules are rewritten in this world. I can escape to a place where I love the main character because he is all the things that I am not or love understands my own point of view better than most of my friends can. Fantasy is a place were I can escape for an hour or two out the day, and all it takes for me to find it again is to open the book or fire up my kindle app.

But, one thing I want to mention is, there are lots of genres and sub-genres. There is epic fantasy, sword and sorcery, urban fantasy, dark fantasy, and many more, and that is just in the fantasy genre. So, what is it about genre that draws us in. Leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite genre is and why. I'm curious as to what t…

Character Profile: Car'Al

Car'Al is a rock troll from the great mountains in the eastern part of the land of Cahnir. He was banished from his tribe because of his views and ideals. He didn't believe in the torture, decimation, and humiliation of any race not rock troll. He believed that people should be able to live free, that wanton violence is wrong. The only violence that should be committed is in the pursuit of justice, of freedom. He searches for a people to call his own. Car'Al knows that he will never be able be a member of another race. He is rock troll and always will be, but he hopes that his search across Cahnir will give him the opportunity to find a people that believe in the same things that he does. In finding those people, he will ultimately find himself.

To read the beginning of Car'Al's journey, get your copy today of NEW BEGINNING in the Chronicles of a Rock Troll series for the Amazon Kindle. The next installment, A PATH OF JUSTICE, is forthcoming and expected to be ava…