Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What if ... Writing Prompt

This may be a regular posting method, it may not, but I have too many ideas floating around in my head as it is. So, I am throwing this idea out there. I only ask one thing, if someone uses this idea for a story or novel, please come back and leave a comment saying so. I'd like to know that you are doing the story and that the idea is being put to good use. Today's "what if..." idea is ... What if the first Europeans had landed in the Americas and had found that the Native Americans were more advanced technologically than they were?

What do you think would have happened? Do you think that the Europeans would have still been aggressive? Do you think that the Native Americans after seeing the Europeans would have decided to expand to Europe and take their land, much like what happened to them when Europeans landed and the western expansion during "Manifest Destiny"? Let me know what you think by leaving comments. If you do decide to run with the idea and write about it, let me know! Enjoy!