Saturday, October 27, 2012

Chronicles of a Rock Troll: A Path of Justice

I just finished my first draft of CHRONICLES OF A ROCK TROLL:  A PATH OF JUSTICE, the next installment in Car'Al's journey. I still need to go through and edit, get some critiques from my writing group, and get the cover art all lined up. There's still some time to go before it gets published to Amazon, but the story is done. Also, in the future for these posts. I'll be referring to CHRONICLES OF A ROCK TROLL as CRT: etc, etc. It'll be shorter than having to type the whole thing out each time.

I'm also working on outlines for the sequel to SHINDARIN RISING. I don't have an official title for it just yet, but I'm tentatively using THE FLAME AND THE FORGE. I think that will change though. I should have most of the beta readers response back by November 3rd. Once I have those, I can get started on my final round of edits before I begin my editor search. I still have some work and additional steps to move forward on before it is ready to hit the market. Thanks for reading. That's it for this week! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your weekend with a few my short stories available on Amazon!