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Cons 2013

What are the top 4 Cons that I wish I could go to but probably won't be able to afford in 2013?

Here is the list and a little blurb about them:

JordanCon is April 19-21. This Con is specifically geared for the fans, followers, and any and all Wheel of Time enthusiasts. It was started in honor of the original author of the Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan, who passed away from cardiac amyloidosis on September 16, 2007. The final book in the Wheel of Time series, A Memory of Light, will release early in 2013.

I wasn't a fan from the beginning. I found the wheel of time right before The Gathering Storm was released. This was the first book that Brandon Sanderson wrote using notes and other materials that Robert Jordan had compiled before his death. This series is epic in scope and has fans that have been around since the beginning. These are true fans that have fallen in love with the series. In a sense, this Con is for them as much as it is in honor of the masterful Robert Jordan. This is a Con for anyone that enjoys the series and Fantasy in general.

BaltiCon is sponsored by the Baltimore Science Fiction Society, Inc. It is held, you can probably guess, in Baltimore Maryland. In 2013, it is May 24-27. I had never heard of this Con until I started listening to podcasts on writing:  I Should Be Writing, The Dead Robots Society, and The Shared Desk. They're great resources for Cons to network with other writers and industry professionals. I've heard great things about the Con, such as how personable it can be and the great events and panels that they have available.

Authors After Dark
This Con, at first glance, appears to be only for romance in speculative fiction. However, they appear to make the link to Romance, Fantasy, and the Horror genres. I'm not 100% sure if that means that the other genres are accepted as long as their is a romantic element present in the writing, or the fantasy and horror genres are welcome whether their is a link to the romance genre or not. Either way, this Con seems like a great one to attend. I was listening to the 'live recorded' episode of The Shared Desk, and it was amazing. It seemed like the creator of Authors After Dark tried to create a Con where the Author/Reader interaction was more important than creating a platform for the authors with the readers getting the opportunity to meet said author. It really seems to be a genuine Con that is dedicating to giving personal attention to the readers for making it possible for the authors to write and continue to provide quality work.

Dragon*Con is THE Con for the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genres. As of yet, there isn't an official date for 2013. I'm not surprised since it just finished up at the end of August and the beginning of September. I've heard story after story about how great Dragon*Con is year after year. The panels are supposed to be great, providing wonderful author insights on the craft of writing and writing speculative fiction in general. This is a Con that I want to make to just to say that I attended it and survived.


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