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Shindarin Rising: Draft 3 Grammar Runthrough

I just finished up my draft three grammar edit. Now comes the hard part. I have to come up with at least 20,000 words to add to the story. Essentially, that's like trying to add a third of my current book to what I already have. I'm thinking I might have to restructure the chapter outlay and add some scenes that I had in conception but never added. I may even add a point of view that I was considering before and weave it into the story. Twenty thousand words is a lot when you think about it. I don't think I can add a thousand words to twenty of the twenty-five chapters. I'll have to glance through the book and see if I can do that or if the additional point of view is the better option. I'll keep providing updates after I do some more writing and editing. I'm still planning on having the book done and start sending out query letters to agents in the next month. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Jacob Donley

Shindarin Rising: The Editing Process Continues

I just got back the advice and critique on my draft. So...the editing process will continue as I take the advice to heart and begin to focus all the time I can spare into making the book longer, trying to connect a few dots that weren't clear or realistic, and try to bring the story and setting to the forefront. This would not seem nearly as hard to do if I could devote more of my day to these tasks. It is one of those moments when a fledgling writer, trying to get into the game, wishes that they were already writing for a living. Then, balancing time between a day job and writing would be a moot point since writing would be the day job. Alas, I am not making my living off of my writing as of yet. I have to share my day with the day job, school, the ins and outs of life, and my writing. However, there seems to be a bit more direction in the editing phase, so the process moves forward and the balancing act will continue. Thanks for reading! Jacob Donley

Patrick Rothfuss: The Name of the Wind

I am currently reading/listening to The Name of the Wind  by Patrick Rothfuss. I am not even finished with the book; still, I was forced to come to my computer and do my very best to express my surprise at the stirring of emotion that I felt during the scene in the book where Kvothe is trying to earn the pipes, singing and playing his lute. I will not lie. That emotion was sadness mixed with awe at the feeling of beauty that riveted my soul. This scene seemed to express my own emotion when it comes to music, the philosophy of passion, and the telling of stories that ring true to the deepest part of my being. I have a love for moments. Moments are not singularly layered. The moment that took place through Kvothe's voice brought tears to my eyes. I am not ashamed to say it, not in the least. If I had no ties to the world, I would be happy to be a traveling moment-man, walking from town to town and city to city, searching for the moments that make my heart bleed and soul tear, my eye