Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shindarin Rising: Chapter 21 Complete

I just put the finishing touches on Chapter 21 (first draft). After I finished my Final for my class today, I sat down and started pounding away at Chapter 21. I knocked it out and feel pretty good about it. The story is coming together quite nicely, and I can see it pulling together like a finished thought. I've never finished a novel before. I've started many before now, but seeing myself so close to completion and having it finished in my head already is giving me a feeling I've only ever felt on a few occasions:  Graduating with my bachelor's degree, winning the homecoming football game my senior year in football, and breaking the doubles record in baseball my senior year. Somehow though, this outshines them all in my mind. Sorry if I'm coming off as a little giddy, but I can't help myself. I finally KNOW that I'm going to finish my first novel. Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend. I'm finally taking a break today. Thank you to all of you who are staying tuned in.

Jacob Donley