Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chapter 21 Update and Scrivener

Well, I'm still at it. I'm currently chipping away at chapter 21. I just started using a program called scrivener. Really, it has given me a lot of help with some of my organization problems. I used to look at everything I had in separate word docs or compiled together in a first draft and just wipe at my brow. It just felt overwhelming. Using scrivener, I feel completely empowered because of the way that it has helped me to organize my text and have all parts of the manuscript right at my fingertips. I'm currently using the 30 day non consecutive trial, but I'm definitely going to shell out the dough for this program when I'm done. It has helped to reinvigorate me with this text, and it has steered me toward a sense of hope and excitement about finishing this novel, Shindarin Rising. I'm really looking forward to drilling out the next five chapters or so and calling my first draft complete. I've got some time left before I can start throwing my fists up in the air, but I can definitely see and end point now. That has really made all of the difference. Wish me luck as I write! Thanks everyone....

Jacob Donley