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Google Translate Now Available

I've added Google Translate to all of the on site pages for the website. My hope is that this will allow my page to viewed by many more people across the globe. Check out the new pages for the Free Prologue and Chapter 1 for Shindarin Rising. They have the Google Translate ability as well. Everyone enjoy!

Jacob Donley

Shindarin Rising: Second Draft Update 2

I've been going through the edits in the second draft. I've been told that I probably need to have the word count around 80,000 words. I'm currently only at 67,000 words. I've got a little bit of work to do on the book to get it up to par for agent aquisition. On the bright side, I have a published author who has a series of three books published doing a read over for me. I won't give out the name. I don't know what the author's thoughts on being called out in a blog are. I'm just really thankful that the author is willing to help me out. I know one thing for sure, I can use all the help I can get. I'm hoping to get back comments and feedback from that read through within the month. For now, my own editing will continue as I mull over where the extra fifteen to twenty thousand words are going to go. I'm also tinkering with a YA book that I had started a year or so back. It's in the early stages. I wouldn't even really call it as in the …

Shindarin Rising: Second Draft Update

I've been working on the first draft edit for the past few days. I feel a little lost in this phase. Shindarin Rising is the first novel that I have completed. So, editing for publication is something I'm not completely used to. I haven't really added much in the way of content, short chapters remaining mostly short with bits added here and there, phrased pulled out and replaced, and grammar/syntax errors are being fixed. It looks like the novel is still going to be short of the 75,000 word count I was shooting for. I'm hoping I have an epiphany moment somewhere here in this first time through edit phase. After, I finish the preliminary edit, I plan on asking some of my writing friends to take a look at it and get their opinions and suggestions. My plan is then to fix or change along the lines of the suggestions that work for the book and send off the first five pages or so with a query letter to an agent (crossing my fingers the whole time). Wish me luck and thank yo…

Shindarin Rising: Chapter 25 Complete

Chapter 25 is complete. After finishing this chapter, I looked at what else I wanted to write, in what was going to be the final chapter (chapter 26), and I decided that it would probably best fit into a short scene at the end of chapter 25. This could change in editing as I go back through the book, but as of now, the first draft is COMPLETE! Thanks for checking in!

Jacob Donly

Shindarin Rising: Chapter 24 Complete

Chapter 24 is complete. It was kind of a slow chapter compared to some of the more recent ones I have written, but there was some important content to write here. It took me a little extra time with this chapter because I started a new class and I took a short break from it. However, I stuck to my guns today and finished it. I now have two chapters to write before the first draft is complete. I'm almost there! I'll be starting chapter 25 tomorrow. I doubt I'll finish it tomorrow though. My weekend is kind of booked and it is probably (most definitely) going to be the longest chapter of the book. I plan on finishing the book next week. Stay tuned for more info.

Jacob Donley

Shindarin Rising: Chapter 23 Complete

I just finished Chapter 23 in Shindarin Rising. The form of the chapter ended up changing as I wrote it, but I can't help but feel grateful for this rhythm that I have going. I've had a few days were I've been able to dedicate myself to my writing rather than homework, and it has been plenty productive. I only wish that I could write full time. Having to split my time between writing and working all day in a cubicle really decreases my daily word counts for my writing, not to mention that the cubicle work is really boring. So, now I have approximately three chapters left before the first draft is done. I'm hoping that I can keep this going and finish the book here in the next few days, but I won't be unhappy if I can do it in the next week or so either. That's the current update. Thanks for all the support!

Jacob Donley

Shindarin Rising Update: Chapter 22 Complete

I was completely surprised by this today. I got home from work, and started working on the chapter. Progress had been pretty slow at this point. I took a break since I had to make a trip to Sam's club, and when I got home, I went to work immediately. I knocked out over 2500 words and finished the chapter. I was kind of amazed. I thought this chapter was going to take me at least two or three full days of writing to finish. However, once I sat down after that break, it all just flowed out onto the page. I have approximately four more chapter to go before the first draft of Shindarin Rising is complete. This is the first book in "The Draconis Prophecies" book series. Wish me luck as I continue to make great progress. Thanks everyone!

Jacob Donley

Shindarin Rising: Chapter 21 Complete

I just put the finishing touches on Chapter 21 (first draft). After I finished my Final for my class today, I sat down and started pounding away at Chapter 21. I knocked it out and feel pretty good about it. The story is coming together quite nicely, and I can see it pulling together like a finished thought. I've never finished a novel before. I've started many before now, but seeing myself so close to completion and having it finished in my head already is giving me a feeling I've only ever felt on a few occasions:  Graduating with my bachelor's degree, winning the homecoming football game my senior year in football, and breaking the doubles record in baseball my senior year. Somehow though, this outshines them all in my mind. Sorry if I'm coming off as a little giddy, but I can't help myself. I finally KNOW that I'm going to finish my first novel. Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend. I'm finally taking a break today. Thank you to all of you who …

Shindarin Rising Update

I am about half done with Chapter 21. I just finished the first POV for the chapter. As of right now, there is going to be 26 chapters for the book. I have a basic outline to follow and now I just have to trust in it. I hope to finish up chapter 21 in the next week or so. My classes are probably going to determine if that changes or not. I start up my next class on Thursday and I take the final for my current class on Sunday. Wish me luck, and Enjoy the weekend!

P.S. for those of you who haven't read the current Prologue and Chapter 1, they are available in the MY BOOKS link at the top of the page. Just scroll down once the page loads.

Jacob Donley

Chapter 21 Update and Scrivener

Well, I'm still at it. I'm currently chipping away at chapter 21. I just started using a program called scrivener. Really, it has given me a lot of help with some of my organization problems. I used to look at everything I had in separate word docs or compiled together in a first draft and just wipe at my brow. It just felt overwhelming. Using scrivener, I feel completely empowered because of the way that it has helped me to organize my text and have all parts of the manuscript right at my fingertips. I'm currently using the 30 day non consecutive trial, but I'm definitely going to shell out the dough for this program when I'm done. It has helped to reinvigorate me with this text, and it has steered me toward a sense of hope and excitement about finishing this novel, Shindarin Rising. I'm really looking forward to drilling out the next five chapters or so and calling my first draft complete. I've got some time left before I can start throwing my fists up i…