Saturday, June 2, 2012

Why A Writer Writes

What is it that makes a writer write? I tend to ask myself this question daily. Why do I write? It isn't to make myself rich, that's for sure. Sure it would be nice to make some money through my writing, rising to the millionaire club. Of course, lower middle class would be nice, too. But, if that was why I write my poetry and self-publish, I would have quit long ago. The truth, from my own experience, is that a writer writes because they want to connect. I write because I want to share my emotions, my ideas, my frame of reference. I write because I want someone to read my poetry and connect to it, pull something from the pages that they can carry with them in their own life. I won't know when it happens. I write so that the opportunity for it to happen increases with each of my pieces that I put out on the internet or publish to the page.

Writing is something that has to breed from within. It starts from the place inside that screams to be let out. I believe that every writer knows what I'm talking about here. You have a need to share that certain idea, emotion, or phrase. You can't settle down. You can't relax until you have put something down on paper or frantically typed something into your word processor. Perhaps this is the selfish side of writing, but it isn't self serving either. Once you have finished the piece, you want it to go out into the world. You want it to be read. You want someone to have as much joy reading it as writing it gave you. Every time I write a new poem, I want to get it out as soon as possible, to my own embarrassment sometimes. I, often, publish a poem to my blog or post it as finished when it is no where near actual completion. I do this because I want it to reach out to someone. If this is only my failure, then I'll readily admit it here. I know the excitement that comes when I finish a poem (or I think I have finished a poem).

This is my perspective on writing. It is an elixir of sorts, that when read is like a patient sipping on their medicine that helps to soothe a bruised soul, or it is the remembering of a sadder time, when loss struck them, knowing that they aren't alone in the pain that they endured. Writing is a way of connecting people. It is just sad that more people aren't reading poetry these days. There is much that people could take from every writer or poet from the amateur to the twenty year veteran. I hope that some of the things that I have written here can resonate with someone. 

Until the next time, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Jacob Donley