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Shindarin Rising: Chapter 20 Completed

I've finished Chapter 20 of Shindarin Rising . It took me a while to finish this, it is a point of view that I'm not sold on yet. It may be removed before I'm done editing. I'm not even really thinking about editing yet. When I've got the first draft done, then I will think about editing and those decisions will be made. I have about 6 chapter left (hopefully) before I feel the first draft will officially be done. Time will tell. Happy Tuesday, everyone! Jacob Donley

June Book Progress

I was able to sit down and get a rhythm going in Shindarin Rising a few nights ago. I wrote about 800 words and can see a more clear picture of where this story line is going. This chapter is tentatively chapter 20. I'm hoping to keep this streak of writing going and finish this chapter in the next week or so. After I finish this chapter, I will have about six more chapters until the end of the book. The writing may take me beyond those six chapters, but time will tell. That's the update for now. Have a good weekend! Jacob Donley

The Climbing Tree

Climbing Tree is a thoughtful and inspiring blog that often speaks about the writing life; a topic that I am all too familiar with. The author often discusses not only his successes but also the difficulties he faces with writing and life in general. He is an engaging author that anyone who looks to support budding authors of any genre should at least stop by his blog to see what he has to say. If you find something there that you connect with, leave a comment. He is very good at commenting back. Please visit the blog . Thanks! Jacob Donley

A Memory Road by Jacob Donley (eBook) - Lulu

A Memory Road by Jacob Donley (eBook) - Lulu : My 2nd book of poetry " A Memory Road  " is now available in eBook format. I hope this format will be an easier way for people to enjoy my poetry. Currently, the eBook is only available for purchase on It is currently pending approval for the iBookstore and for Nook. Jacob Donley 'via Blog this'

Why A Writer Writes

What is it that makes a writer write? I tend to ask myself this question daily. Why do I write? It isn't to make myself rich, that's for sure. Sure it would be nice to make some money through my writing, rising to the millionaire club. Of course, lower middle class would be nice, too. But, if that was why I write my poetry and self-publish, I would have quit long ago. The truth, from my own experience, is that a writer writes because they want to connect. I write because I want to share my emotions, my ideas, my frame of reference. I write because I want someone to read my poetry and connect to it, pull something from the pages that they can carry with them in their own life. I won't know when it happens. I write so that the opportunity for it to happen increases with each of my pieces that I put out on the internet or publish to the page. Writing is something that has to breed from within. It starts from the place inside that screams to be let out. I believe that ever