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Goodreads Author Jacob Donley:

Goodreads is a great site to keep track of the books you have read and to get recommendations for the "right" type of books that you read. I just started using the site myself, and I already have a list of books that I added to my "To Be Read" list. My two books of poetry "An Unconscious Mind" and "A Memory Road" are both listed on the site. You should check out to see it for yourself. You can also click on the link in this post to go to my books to leave a review. I hope you enjoy the site as much as I have. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Jacob Donley

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An Addiction Named Regret

Regret is worn like an old pair of jeans
comfortably and often.
What can be said of regret;
except that it slides over us like a misty haze,
distorting our image like a convex mirror,
unnoticed by our own eyes.
It smothers us like an oil spill,
ruinous to all it touches, the effects
spiralling outward like ripples from
a stone tossed into a calm pond.

Regret is the place where misplaced hopes go to die.
It is the cup of wilted dandelions that you placed
on the window sill hoping for the praise of your mother,
her bouquet to treasure. Only her response was to ash
her cigarette in the cup, muddying the water with black silt.

Regret smells like a summer day,
one spent near the local landfill out near the
city limits, out of sight but never out of reach of
a strong wind, wrinkled noses catch the hint,
hidden under a facade of happy occasions and
fake waves of the hand under mumbled breaths.
What can be said of regret?
It never fails to call to us when our plans go astray,
A shortcut that fails to reach the …

Cognitivism as a Theory of Consciousness and the Brain


Cognitivism as a Theory of Consciousness and the Brain Jacob B. Donley Grand Canyon University 5/25/2012

Cognitivsm:  A Theory of Consciousness              Cognitivism is a rising theory of consciousness. Its popularity is growing in the psychological community. Cognitivism is, “the belief that much of human behavior can be understood in terms of how people think,” (Sternberg, 2009, p. 10). In essence, cognitivism is broken down into the structures of thought and the experiences and thoughts of the individual as representative of reality. The individual must interpret what he or she experiences through the person’s own perception. This perception is also influenced by the society in which that person exists, providing ideology and structures of generalized fundamental knowledge that aids in the internalized processing within the mind (Sampson, 1981). Sampson describes this as ‘I Think’ versus ‘We Think’ (Sampson, 1981). The society, in which a perso…

Into the breach they say

Into the breach they say,
Upon the swords and detonations.
The pale rider obeys,
Sweeping down to reap his collection.

Satchel full of souls,
His pilgrimage fully accomplished,
He turns that skeletal
Beast to setting moon as night is shed.

The earth opens up to him;
A welcome greeting at threshold’s gate,
As the screams of the taken
Resist the pull to the final stay.

The pale rider casts one
Last glance, the fruitless battle concludes.
But -- the war is not won.
For Death does not sleep, he waits for you.

© Jacob Donley 2012

Dime Movies At The Shady Theater

He sat, right leg flung over the left, 
in the back row of the dark
dimly lit theater. Moans and grunts
filtered through the darkness from crackly 

speakers, the haze ofcigarette smoke and 
bleary eyes. The cherryburned red hot as his intake of breath
drew the warm smoke into thick lungs,
the charred smell tasted like pain;
the exhale clouded his vision of oiled skin
and tangled hair on the screen and the top of 

a head bobbing up and down
two rows up and to his right. His jeans and button down
shirt were patched with sweat as the humid air swirled to
mix with the smoke and musk. The cigarette dropped
to the floor as he reached back to scratch,
pulling a white feather from its place amongst
the scars from clipped wings.

© Jacob Donley 2012

The Shopping List

The shopping list is scribbled, crossed out,
check marked, captioned, parenthesized, on
yellow note paper, with blue lines. Milk … check.
toilet paper … check. Kleenex … check. “Honey,
can you grab some coffee while I look for the peanut butter.”

“Of course, dear.”

Flour … check. Biscuits … check. Coffee … check.
“Thank you, babe. Oh, we need some bread. Could you be a dear?”

“Sure thing, honey.”

Sugar … check. Pie crust … check. Bread … check.
Love …  Check.

© Jacob Donley 2012


It pauses to lightly touch the petal,
Calloused fingers dragging across the silk.
It, yes -- it, casts a shadow on the pink,
And reds, and yellows on the scarred meadow,
Tiled; individual collages
Of fractal symbols; a yearning that lifts,
That compels it to be more than he was,
Than he is now, to lift his head higher
To balance his essence on a slender
Stem, to break out of the It and into
The beauty of acknowledgement, become
More than the neutral, the benign being,
To move past the observer and become
The observed, to pass the meadow on his
way to his own garden, filled with rows of
Alstroemeria, the pinks, and reds, and
yellows that all have a Name of their own.

© Jacob Donley 2012

Thoughts From the Mirror

It comes from the shining gray; the leafless blight that sparks the world to endless fire, the loosed arrow shaft on the eve of battle that ignites the opposing lines of soldiers, the plan of action that dooms the world to eternal darkness. What is it, you ask? It is greed, envy, intolerance, and the will to oppress those who cannot defend themselves. It is the direction of tyranny, and its first weapon is fear and hopelessness.