Wednesday, March 21, 2012

tWoTcast and The Wheel of Time

Some people may know that Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series is my favorite fantasy series to date. The books are expertly written, and Jordan creates a world that is easily envisioned, filled with political intrigue, new species, and magic. The books caught me as soon as I started reading them. I actually found the series by accident, wandering through the fantasy section at Barnes & Noble. This was before Brandon Sanderson took the helm finishing the series after Robert Jordan passed away. Looking at the scope of the series, I am relatively new to the series. The first book I had to wait for to come out was, The Gathering Storm, the first of the books for Brandon Sanderson to pen.

One of the things I like to do is listen to podcasts about the different fantasy series I am interested in. Up until now, I have mostly listened to Dragonmount's podcast for The Wheel of Time. The crew at Dragonmount has done an incredible job at pouring through the details of the book. However, as of last week, I found a new podcast that mixes their knowledge of the book with humor. This podcast is considered a re-read podcast, intended for people who have already read the books at least once already. This podcast does include explicit content and is only intended for a mature audience. The podcast is called tWoTcast, by Tom, Joe, and Jono. They can be found on iTunes, at the tWoTcast website, and on Twitter -- @twotcast They are an incredibly funny trio that I recommend for anyone who has gone through the series thus far and are looking for a good laugh. Check them out and let them know that Jacob sent you!

Jacob Donley