Sunday, March 11, 2012

Re-Learn to Finish What You Have Started

When striving towards a goal, we can always see the end at the horizon. It always seems to be just over the next hill or around the next bend. But, many times, when the goal seems to drop out of sight, no longer visible to the naked eye, we give up. We seem to find excuses for our failures so that they don't affect us as much as they should. We will rationalize that the goal was not in our best interest or that it really wasn't that important to begin with. However, what we are really doing is learning to leave things unfinished, learning to give up when the going gets tough, learning to keep our self-esteem at level where it cannot be damaged by setbacks. When all is said and done, this process never allows us to accomplish anything other than the mundane and everyday goals. It keeps us from succeeding, from moving on to greatness, from improving ourselves.

When it comes to our own happiness, we need to reteach ourselves that failure is not an option. In order to reach true happiness, we have to struggle, we have to get scratched and bruised, sometimes physically, but most definitely mentally. It is through the struggle to achieve our goals where we learn the importance of the climb to the summit. It is only from the mountain top that we can look back on what we have accomplished and see that the struggles we have endured have allowed us to grow and appreciate how good it feels to make ourselves a little better everyday. So...the next time that you are tempted to give up on something that you are struggling toward, remember that it is only through struggle that we can truly appreciate how good it feels to accomplish a goal and learn from the experiences we endured during the completion of it. Wisdom comes through experience. Finish what you have started and wise up!

Jacob Donley