Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Hypothesis of Semipermeable Realities

It's the through the search for ourselves that we discover the truth, about ourselves, about others, about the world, about reality itself. Every day we experience the world around us and the world in our minds; two very different worlds. We meet friends, strangers, touch objects, think thoughts about these very encounters. Do the thoughts equal the physical experience? Or, do they exist as separate entities, apart from the world our bodies walk in? When you lie in your bed at night, thinking about whatever it is that you think about, do the thoughts that you create instantaneously exist, like the doorknob to your bedroom, despite not being able to reach out and grasp them? In a way, yes, I believe they do exist. I believe that our mind is a separate reality that exists within the reality that our bodies do. It is a semipermeable reality that can interact with the physical reality. Thoughts have a powerful effect on our physical bodies, our conscious thoughts interact with people everyday, and create ideas that make it to real world applications. General Relativity, the works of Beethoven and Mozart, the creation of jet propulsion, all of these things started out as thoughts. I'm not a physicist, or a scientist in any recognizable definition of the word. I'm just a regular person that likes to think...a lot. Can I test my theory? No. I wouldn't even know where to begin, but my belief in my hypothesis exists, and perhaps, a scientist out there can test it one day.

Jacob Donley