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An oddly warm day
by Jacob Donley

An oddly warm day in February,
The melody rises,
Walking to the sound of a sad tune.
A dirge, one might surmise.

Snow melts to lie on bloated ground,
A blithe affectation
To the season’s brief withdrawal --
My own destination.

© Jacob Donley 2012

by Jacob Donley

It’s the quickened flutter, paw against quilt,
the unexpected snort and jittered yelp,
the long night an opus of vivid dreams;
an inverse, while lying sedate, to the
chaotic scenes through the days step forward
-- stampedes through the kitchen over faux tiling,
tug-o-war with shredded socks clenched in hand,
rushing through back doors (slamming into walls),
ceaseless saliva baths by tongue --
a wave of peace meeting chaos head on;
conflict that leaves calm waters in its wake,
endless-- unbroken glass, that heals the soul.

© Jacob Donley 2012


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