Monday, February 13, 2012

"Sleepless Night" as seen in A Memory Road

Sleepless Night as seen in "A Memory Road" by Jacob Donley. Check the My Books For Sale page to get your copy today.

Sleepless Night
The stillness in the apartment,
laid out under florescent lights and
wood panels, cast iron radiators
puffing to release, dishes tinkle
into the drying rack, footsteps
on linoleum, shuffle across the rug,
the tick of the knob on the old
television set, creaking from
a rickety porch, the sound
of brakes in the drive, knock
at the door, muffled voices
from the porch, sobbing
falls from lips, tears streaming
from lidded eyes, grief raining
from conscious thought,
a child doesn’t return home,
and the sorrow doesn’t die.

by Jacob Donley

© Jacob Donley 2012