Saturday, February 11, 2012

Demand Poetry, a business that touches the heart - NewsTimes

Demand Poetry, a business that touches the heart - NewsTimes:

Check out this article about writing poetry on demand, Elizabeth Howard.

In relation to the man that asked Elizabeth Howard to write a poem about his wife and how wonderful he thinks she is, never saying anything to her about his appreciation ...
It's interesting how sometimes we can forget about the meaning behind writing. Sometimes, looking at a poem or a phrase from a piece of fiction, I can forget that there is a deeper meaning to the work; someone's emotions or thought processes went into creating it. They captured a bit of themselves in that work, a slice of a world view, too. The next time you read a poem or find something interesting in a piece of fiction, STOP ... and think about what it really means, and then, think about what it means to you since it made you pause, even if for a brief second. Why was it important enough to cause you to reflect?

Jacob Donley

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