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An oddly warm day by Jacob Donley

An oddly warm day in February,
The melody rises,
Walking to the sound of a sad tune.
A dirge, one might surmise.

Snow melts to lie on bloated ground,
A blithe affectation
To the season’s brief withdrawal --
My own destination.

© Jacob Donley 2012

by Jacob Donley
It’s the quickened flutter, paw against quilt,
the unexpected snort and jittered yelp,
the long night an opus of vivid dreams;
an inverse, while lying sedate, to the
chaotic scenes through the days step forward
-- stampedes through the kitchen over faux tiling,
tug-o-war with shredded socks clenched in hand,
rushing through back doors (slamming into walls),
ceaseless saliva baths by tongue --
a wave of peace meeting chaos head on;
conflict that leaves calm waters in its wake,
endless-- unbroken glass, that heals the soul.

© Jacob Donley 2012

In Search of Legitimacy...Just a Little

I just recently submitted four poems to three literary magazines:  The New Yorker,The Threepenny Review, and thePoetry Magazine. Now, for those of you who haven't had some kind of contact with my blog before, I have self-published two books of poetry. I have written poetry for many years now, and I only just found self-publishing sites like Self-publishing is something that anyone can do. There is no buffer between the author and printing press; there isn't another human face bent over your work, critiquing every line and punctuation mark. 

That being said, I still have faith in my work. After all, it has been growing and maturing just as I have over the years, getting a little bit better the more I practice with it. But, it would be nice to have that buffer, to have that someone finish looking over my work and say, "This is good. It's ready for the presses!" So, in a self-serving hope for some kind of acknowledgement (crosses fingers), I felt the need t…

JBDonley's Channel - YouTube

JBDonley's Channel - YouTube:
Sorry for those of you were looking for my videos. I opened a new account so I could get a new username. Here is my new account with my readings of selected poems from my two books of poetry. Hopefully, in the future, I'll figure out my webcam more and post some of me actually reading them. Until I figure out how to get better quality this is how I'll more than likely be recording them. Thanks to everyone who listens, reads, and supports me and my work.

Jacob Donley
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Finding the Silence

It's the cold silence that catches my attention most. A negative sound that brings your consciousness to the forefront, rather than a sudden shrill echo or an explosion of noise. It's strange isn't it, how nothing can rap you on the side of the head and say, "Wake up! Something is strange here..." I mean after all, we live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by sounds:  advertisements, city noise (horns, sirens, yelling, trains and trams, whistles, etc). It's when that noise is suddenly gone on a cold winter night, that it becomes truly captivating. The first thing that comes to my mind is, "What is wrong?" But, in truth, nothing is wrong. It is simply the sound of the day winding down. I just simply stopped to listen. I hadn't done that in a long time, really just stopped. I found a sort of peace in that moment, a sort of relaxing existence that was somehow separate from me, a notion of seeing myself from the outside. It was almost ma…

"Sleepless Night" as seen in A Memory Road

Sleepless Night as seen in "A Memory Road" by Jacob Donley. Check the My Books For Sale page to get your copy today.

Sleepless Night
The stillness in the apartment,
laid out under florescent lights and
wood panels, cast iron radiators
puffing to release, dishes tinkle
into the drying rack, footsteps
on linoleum, shuffle across the rug,
the tick of the knob on the old
television set, creaking from
a rickety porch, the sound
of brakes in the drive, knock
at the door, muffled voices
from the porch, sobbing
falls from lips, tears streaming
from lidded eyes, grief raining
from conscious thought,
a child doesn’t return home,
and the sorrow doesn’t die.

by Jacob Donley

© Jacob Donley 2012

Demand Poetry, a business that touches the heart - NewsTimes

Demand Poetry, a business that touches the heart - NewsTimes:

Check out this article about writing poetry on demand, Elizabeth Howard.

In relation to the man that asked Elizabeth Howard to write a poem about his wife and how wonderful he thinks she is, never saying anything to her about his appreciation ...
It's interesting how sometimes we can forget about the meaning behind writing. Sometimes, looking at a poem or a phrase from a piece of fiction, I can forget that there is a deeper meaning to the work; someone's emotions or thought processes went into creating it. They captured a bit of themselves in that work, a slice of a world view, too. The next time you read a poem or find something interesting in a piece of fiction, STOP ... and think about what it really means, and then, think about what it means to you since it made you pause, even if for a brief second. Why was it important enough to cause you to reflect?

Jacob Donley

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Jacob Donley - Illinois Authors

Jacob Donley - Illinois Authors: Excerpt from the Biographical section of Illinois Authors Wiki,
"Born in Emington, Illinois in 1982, I became interested in writing and reading in junior high, but really, writing became a passion of mine in high school when I enrolled in my Senior year AP English class. I was pushed to be creative, and I realized that I wanted to continue to express myself through words. I decided to continue my writing education at Illinois State University in which I received my Bachelors degree in English in 2007 ... Currently, my focus has been on poetry. I am also interested in Fantasy and Science Fiction and look forward to publishing a novel some time in the future." 

Click the link at the beginning of this post to see my page on the website -- Illinois Authors Wiki, a project of Illinois Center For The Book.

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"Paradox" as featured in the now available, "A Memory Road"

The poem, Paradox, featured in the book, A Memory Road, now available at


By the time you read this,
I will have already finished it.
So -- am I a time traveller,
a medium through time and
space, talking to a future
participant over distance,
not traversed by my own
two feet, seen through eyes
not of my own, feeling
emotions not conjured by my
own mind -- Or, am I simply
enjoying the paradox?

by Jacob Donley

© Jacob Donley 2012

Copy of "A Memory Road" Approved

I received my copy of A Memory Road today. I think the formatting looks great. I've approved the formatting. It is officially ready for purchase on today. It is now being check for distribution approval. Hopefully, I'll see it on in 6-8 weeks. Until then, feel free to purchase your copy on Lulu!

Jacob Donley

Linda Nagata's Reviews of "The Cloud Roads" and "The Serpent Sea"

Linda Nagata delves into the important aspects of what makes the books The Cloud Roads and The Serpent Sea, by Martha Wells, interesting. The way she explains the nature of magic in these books is a particularly noteworthy aspect of the world that exists in these books. I haven't read them yet, but she paints a clear and interesting picture. Check out her review on her blog at