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My Newest Book of Poetry "A Memory Road"

A Memory Road  -- My newest book of poetry is available on I'm still waiting for my copy to approve the formatting of the book, but it is available on online at Lulu. I'll post when I've approved all the formatting and send it off for approval on Amazon. For now, it is available in its original format. Jacob Donley

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Life -- Books -- Indie & Traditional Publishing

  photo from Linda Nagata's blog  frequently spotlights new and seasoned authors from many different aspects of publishing. One of the great things that I have come to notice is that she tells it like it is. It doesn't matter what walk of life the writer is from or whether the publishing is traditional or on demand. It comes down to the writing and that's what is important. Good writing finds it way to the forefront here, where it belongs. Check out the blog and find out for yourself. Jacob Donley

Lincoln College Bookstore Display Book

Lincoln College Bookstore in Lincoln, IL currently has a display copy of my new book in their store with business cards displaying the address to this blog and that my new book "An Unconscious Mind" is available for sale on and ! - Free Ground Shipping - Check out my book " An Unconscious Mind "


Never Give Up

It's in those little moments, a glimpse really, where a possible future slips into the mind's eye. Just a glimpse is all you need, and the hope takes seed. A glimmer that gives you the determination to move forward, to press against the boundaries and accomplish great things. Sale

20% off sale at through Jan 20th, 2012. Use the  PRICETHAW    code when ordering to get this deal. This would be a good time to consider purchasing my poetry book on, An Unconscious Mind . Take advantage of great savings now before the deal is over. Until next time... Jacob Donley

The Life I Live

It's the constant struggle, the drive, the need to quantify the emotions and feelings of life that cause me to drag the pen across the paper, my fingers across the keys of this computer. To share, to link myself to all the people I can't see is the constant motivator. Leaving a mark upon the world is the great goal, but I'll settle for a single soul. Jacob Donley