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Brief Look at the Ancient Language

Here is a brief look at how the Ancient Language stands as of today.
These translations and any other content shown here may change at any point.

The English/An-Lan Dictionary and Guide
An-Lan = Ancient Language

Phrases and Important Names

Morti’ Nirhu - Death in the Shadows
Shindar’ ah Astrimanii - Morningstar of the spirit
Shindar’ ah Hin - Breeze of the spirit
Shindar’ ah nirHin - the black wind of the spirit

Sentences & Examples of Sentence Structure

Here is an example of how the sentence structure works. In the subject, when a noun is the object of a phrase, it is placed at the beginning of the subject, the rest of the phrase following it, typically the subject of the sentence follows the phrase linked to the noun that begins the sentence. Corpa ahm = of my body, then Sangi follows as the main subject of the entire sentence.

Subject Predicate
Corpa ahm Sangi / al Verdu ahti Vokis.
Blood of my body for the words of your voice.

Subject Predic…

Shindarin Rising: Chapter 16 Complete

After spending much longer on this chapter than I expected, chapter 16 is finished. For anyone who hasn't visited the blog before, feel free to click on the link at the top of the page for Draconis Prophecies to read the prologue and first five chapters of the story. Thanks for reading!

Shindarin Rising: Chapter 15 Complete

After a long day of writing, chapter 15 is complete. I did a lot of work on the ancient language today as well. I've been trying to create a dictionary of sorts and a guide that helps to explain sentence structure. It's not complete yet, but the template is there for me to work with at least. Thanks for reading!

Shindarin Rising: Chapter 14 Complete

After a successful day of writing, chapter 14 is complete. This chapter gave me trouble at first. I was having problems figuring out plot and story flow in this chapter. I walked away from it for a little while, and when I came back, I was able to knock it out fairly quickly, feeling good about where the story was heading. Thanks for reading!