Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shindarin Rising Chapter Six Complete

The book is coming along nicely. I've spent most of the day planning and organizing in my head where I want the book to go. Chapter 6 is complete, and I'll begin working on chapter 7 tomorrow/today. I've also begun to construct a new language that will play into the story. I'm not much of a linguist, but I hope that I'm able to build rules such as sentence structure and syntax that will be logical and easy for the reader to understand how it works once they see it translated into English. It won't be a driving force to the story, if it even shows up that much, but I think of it as an added bonus that I get to play with language. It's one of the perks in writing in the fantasy or science fiction genre, that when you are building the world from the ground up, you can create things, and there is no one to tell you that you can't do it a certain way. Thanks for reading!