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Shindarin Rising: Chapter 12 Complete

I have finished Chapter 12, finally. This chapter seemed to give me more trouble than the previous ones. This chapter is a turning point, a place where decisions needed to be made. I had to decide what was going to happen next. After a little contemplation, I finally decided where to go. I hope that the future chapters will move more smoothly. Thanks for reading!

Shindarin Rising Chapter 10 Complete

After taking the weekend off, I started work on chapter 10 today. It's finished. I was down in Edwardsville to visit SIUE this past weekend. It was fun, and I look forward to going back. It was a little hard to disconnect from the writing for a while, but it gave me time to think about the next steps in the novel. Thanks for reading!

Shindarin Rising Chapter 9 Complete

Chapter 9 is complete. Today the writing didn't come quite as smoothly. The story itself seemed to flow pretty well, but the more I use pieces of the "Ancient Language" I'm trying to create, the harder it is to formulate. I'm going to have to start creating a dictionary for it, so I don't forget what the words I'm making up mean. The sentence structure isn't really giving me the trouble I thought it would though; It's fairly simple in itself. Anyway, thanks for reading. I may not get as much writing done this weekend as I have lately. I'll be taking a trip down to Edwardsville, IL to meet with an advisor at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. I will also be meeting with the artist who is going to do some sketches for the potential cover for the book. Wish me Luck!

Shindarin Rising Chapter 8 Complete

Chapter 8 is finished. I had some fun playing with the "Ancient Language" today. I've decided to create a new language. It will be very loosely based on Latin, very loosely based. I had a lot of fun with it though. It made me think about sentence structure a lot. I'm looking forward to playing with it throughout book and probably throughout the series. I will be starting chapter 9 tomorrow. I've created a new Facebook page for The Draconis Prophecies. If you're interested look it up and click the "Like" option. Thanks for reading.

Shindarin Rising: Chapter 7 Finished

I've finished chapter 7, and will be starting on chapter 8 soon. The writing appears to be coming along quite smoothly, even more smoothly than I had originally anticipated. I have found that I've begun to start to feel a little burnt out. I may have to start taking more breaks, getting up and moving around. I've just felt so compelled to sit and write that I have mostly just sat in front of the computer and typed all day. Once the weather warms up a bit, I hope to be able to get out and do some running. Not only will it be good for me to move around and exercise, but it is usually a good time to work out problems I'm having with story flow and direction or plot development. Anyways, I seem to be doing pretty good with the chapter a day goal I've been going for. Cross your fingers that I can keep up that pace. Thanks for reading!

Shindarin Rising Chapter Six Complete

The book is coming along nicely. I've spent most of the day planning and organizing in my head where I want the book to go. Chapter 6 is complete, and I'll begin working on chapter 7 tomorrow/today. I've also begun to construct a new language that will play into the story. I'm not much of a linguist, but I hope that I'm able to build rules such as sentence structure and syntax that will be logical and easy for the reader to understand how it works once they see it translated into English. It won't be a driving force to the story, if it even shows up that much, but I think of it as an added bonus that I get to play with language. It's one of the perks in writing in the fantasy or science fiction genre, that when you are building the world from the ground up, you can create things, and there is no one to tell you that you can't do it a certain way. Thanks for reading!

Prologue and First Five Chapters Available to View

The prologue and chapters 1-5 are available to view now. I won't be publishing anymore chapters online for now. To go directly to the Draconis Page click HERE Post comments good or bad. The good will let me know where I'm on the right path, and the bad will let me know what I need to fix. Thanks! Content in these chapter may change as book progress continues...

Shindarin Rising Update

I'll only be posting the first few chapters of this book. After that, I'm going to try and figure out how to get a status bar so people can track how far along I'm getting in the story. Brandon Sanderson does that for his books in The Wheel of Time . I've always enjoyed that and thought it helpful. If someone has suggestions for the blog, I'm more than happy to listen. Thanks to all those who visit the page. Leave comments! I hope you enjoy the snippets of stories I've provided. Have a great day. Jacob

New Book: Shindarin Rising Coming Soon.

The prologue and first chapter of Shindarin Rising will be coming soon. This is a book that I've had in my thoughts a lot for the past six months. I'm finally sitting down to write this book. At this time, I'll only be concentrating on this work. I'll be posting the Prologue soon. This is the first book in what I envision as being a series of books called The Draconis Prophecies . Thanks!